• Known for its fine texture and superior durability, genuine Slavic hair is the crème de la crème of hair extensions.
  • Kitsune Hair is Double Drawn, single donor, silicone free, and cuticle intact.
  • We offer 23 completely custom shades and 14", 16" 22" and 24" lengths.
  • We use the most advanced, gentle coloring processes to ensure the longest lifespan possible.
  • We can confidently say that not only is our hair the absolute highest quality, but our hand tied wefts are constructed to give you the most comfortable wear yet.
  • Our hand tied wefts have no glue coating along the top which gives our hair superior flexibility and unparalleled comfort.
  • Kitsune hair is ethically sourced and collected in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia at local salons where women from neighboring villages go to sell their hair.

The Lowdown On Our Hair

Always Double Drawn

Double drawn means that your weft won't have shorter "filler" hairs added for unusable bulk. For example, if you order 22" extensions you can rest assured knowing that at least 90% of your weft hair used is indeed 22". This also means that your hair will be thick from the top to the bottom, no stringy ends around here!

Ethically Sourced

Unfortunately, the hair extension industry is globally one of the most under regulated markets.

It's not uncommon to hear about women and children getting their hair essentially stolen or even being abducted for their hair.

You can feel at ease knowing our hair is 100% fair trade and each individual donor is paid an equivalent to one months salary for their generosity.

Single Donor

Kitsune hair extensions are 100% derived from one single donor. This means that each individual hair in your bundle is gathered and wefted from just one person. Traditionally, hair is collected and thrown into piles to bulk dye and wefted from this pile.

Unfortunately, one single weft can have hair from thousands of women... although these companies can still market their hair as "remy" because the cuticles might be artificially going in the same direction, you will still get tangling and matting because the cuticles are not genetically identical.

Minimally Processed Hair

All of our hair is cuticle intact. We use extremely gentle coloring practices which take longer to perform, but are worth it in the end because our hair color lasts far longer than other brands. you would think that all hair extensions come with the cuticles intact right? Well, most other companies use harsh acid baths to lighten hair which completely erodes the cuticle of the hair extensions.

Not only does this cause your color to be very dull and fade quickly, but hair extensions sold without a cuticle might as well be thrown in the trash due to the complete unmanageability once the additives wear off.

Silicone Free

Hair extensions should never have silicone added. This makes your hair feel like doll hair, which is never wanted. Have you ever been coloring your hair extensions and had a terrible time getting the color to penetrate? This is likely due to a silicone coating.

Silicone is often added to low quality hair extension hair to pass it off as shiny high quality hair. This is a temporary solution as it wears off in a few washes and you're left with the true state of the hair.

Shade Range

Our shades are completely custom and were created by Cassadi and Mckenzie. Absolutely no factory standard shades here! We did the hardest part so you don't have to worry about spending hours creating the perfect shade for your guest. less time custom coloring + more money in your pocket and less long hours!