The Kitsune Distinction

Industry-elevating Hair Extensions of unparalleled quality.

  • Always double drawn

  • Ethically sourced

  • Single donor

  • Minimally processed hair

  • Silicone free

  • 23 custom shades

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Did you know we allow custom orders of each shade in our line in other types of hair extensions?

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Kitsune Level Finder

Introducing the Kitsune Level Finder! We have designed this tool to help you identify the background colors and levels of each custom shade within our line.

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Yay! The moment you've been waiting for is here and your hair has arrived! Here's what to do as soon as you receive your extensions

Expert Tips To Protect Your Kitsune Hair Extensions

Brush Your Hair

It sounds simple right? One of the most important parts of hair extension care is brushing multiple times a day. The Brush Set was designed specifically for hair extension maintenance. Our boar bristle brush is essential for scalp health, and our detangling brush is perfect for gentle, effective detangling.

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Tuck Your Locks In

Your sleep routine MATTERS! Silk hair wear is essential for prolonging the life of your extensions. Silk has anti breakage technology which will surely prolong the life of your locks. Pick up the sleep set for everything you’ll need to protect your investment.

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Invest In Quality Products

You wouldn’t buy your dream car and put regular gas into it right? No, you’d use premium gas to prolong the life of the engine. It is the same with protecting your luxury hair extensions. We exclusively recommend Goldie Locks products for our hair.

  • Kitsune Hair is by far the best line that I’ve used. All of the colors are amazing, along with the fullness and longevity that my clients get out of it!
    Mackenzie m.

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  • I'm totally loving my new brush set, the metal bristle square brush is great for long thick hair to comb out the ends, then the scalp one I use before I get in the shower to wash my hair! I feel my scalp and hair get better washing because of the pre-brushing.

    Susan M.

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  • I just purchased the curling iron at IBE Con. The first time I used it I fell in love! It makes the most beautiful curls. Stays hot from start to finish and literally glides along the hair. Thank you for making my life easier!

    DEBRA H.

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