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The Ultimate Hair Extension Brush Set

The Ultimate Hair Extension Brush Set

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Meet the Kitsune Brush Set - whether you’re a professional stylist or conscious client, you’ll fall in love with our set of metal and boar bristle brushes.

Designed with you in mind, our boar-nylon mixture bristle brush offers gentle detangling, scalp detoxifying qualities that will leave your hair with lustrous shine.

If you wear hand-tied extensions, you will find no problem brushing directly over your rows without fear of un-looping your hand-tied knots. Unlike any competitors, our metal bristle brush is specifically designed with soft-impact tips to ensure you feel no scalp discomfort while detangling the hair with ease.

We offer these brushes in two different shapes and finishes:
-Rectangular, rubberized matte
-Glossy oval

Both of these brush sets utilize the same technology , so it truly is dealer’s choice to decide which set best suits your needs!

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